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Today’s Goodness – A 12 hour commute driven by diner coffee

Remy snapped this photo riding shotgun mid-way during our drive from Yosemite to Portland today. We’d initially planned to stop half way, but every 3 or so hours I needed to take a break from driving and what better way to kill time than with a Starbucks Vanilla Iced Latte (our new favourite from Starbucks in this hot weather).

Towards the last 3 or so hours our stomachs were screaming so we did what we’ve done this trip and jumped on Yelp to see what was around. We found this diner called Heaven on Earth that was 10 minutes away and had really high reviews, so we stopped off and got a quick feed (more info on this in our soon-to-come blog post on Portland). I took advantage of the all-you-can-drink coffee they were offering and that gave us the energy to get through to Portland.

This is Remy’s first shot for Today’s Goodness and she’s keen to get some more shots with the camera tomorrow so who know’s what image we’ll have tomorrow from our journey.

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