The Adventures of 2 Aussies


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San Francisco

We had hit the shores of America.

As we got off our plane late at night coming from Mexico the second leg of our trip was off to a great start. The girls and I arrived to our Hostel The Adelaide Hostel and checked-in. Since we were originally traveling as a four but later cut down to three, we couldn’t cancel the fourth person with our booking as it was too late. This kind of worked into our advantage because this meant we had a private room. We then decided to go check out what San Francisco’s night life had to offer, or at least what  was around the block. We were STARVING, so we headed down just to the border of Tenderloin (eek!) and got ourselves an awesome slice of Pizza and a nice night cap to put us to sleep.

As we woke the next morning Holly was on the hunt for a good coffee, as Mexico couldn’t really deliver we were on a mission. She hit the gold mine. We found a cute little coffee shop that served “Australian Style” coffee, and if you are Australian and travelling you know what i am talking about. Farm Table was the place to be, with offering great coffee and a cute breakfast. We’d found our spot for the next couple of days. And the best part was, it was a 5 minute walk away.

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We planned on going sightseeing but then we stumbled across Victorias Secret. We were doomed. An hour and a half (and $400 per person later) we had no shame. It had been a group effort, so in the spirit of friendship we had a group hug as we left the store. A sign of support to each other to say everything was ok. That what we’d done was right.

This sparked a shopping spree. Well for me at least. I think i went mad. We hit up Urban Outfitters and Foot Locker and the girls had to sit me down to tell me stop spending money. I was then banned from entering a Sephora, and for anyone who knows me that was torture.

Time to sight see

We decided to get into an Uber and let me tell you, one of the best Uber rides to date. She gave us a mini tour of the city and took us to the best bike shop for rentals to ride over Golden Gate. We paid $26 for 5 hours and off we went.

We thought it would be a breezy ride up to the bridge but between the three of us we were out of breath. We stop up at the round house and got a bottle of water and attempted this bike ride again.

When we got up there the view was absolutely breath taking. As i am from Sydney we have the Harbour Bridge and i have never understood the big hype about a bridge. But since travelling to the Golden Gate Bridge, i get it now. Just a word of warning, BRING A JACKET if you are choosing to ride or walk over because that ocean wind is FREEZING.

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Some suggestions on places to eat:

If you are looking for a killer beer – Mikkeller Bar
Night Cap – Hog Wash
Yummy coffee – Farm Table
Easy Breakfast – Bowld Acai Food Truck


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