The Adventures of 2 Aussies


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Today’s Goodness – One of 50 squirrels we met at Yosemite


Squirrels are actually the cutest things. They scurry quickly through forestry, climb the rocks about you and…the best thing about the Squirrels in Yosemite are that they are super friendly and interactive. Although we honoured the DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS signs, we must of been doing something right, as some of the squirrels ignored those offering them peanuts…

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Today’s Goodness – A 12 hour commute driven by diner coffee


Remy snapped this photo riding shotgun mid-way during our drive from Yosemite to Portland today. We’d initially planned to stop half way, but every 3 or so hours I needed to take a break from driving and what better way to kill time than with a Starbucks Vanilla Iced Latte (our new favourite from Starbucks in this…

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The colourful mountain in the desert – Salvation Mountain

A glorious hand-painted sign welcomed us to Salvation Mountain.

Much more than just a painted rock in the desert Remy has been coming to Palm Springs to stay with her Grandparents since she was a little squid, but one thing she had never done before this adventure was visit Salvation Mountain – the colourful mountain in the desert. Salvation Mountain has been on Remy’s bucket list for…

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What is a POE letter for Canada?

POE Letter Your POE letter is your Port of Entry Letter.   How long does my POE last? Your POE letter will be valid for 12 months. If you had a medical exam, then it may expire sooner(it will expire when the medical exam has given you to if it is LESS than the 12…

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How to apply to live in Canada for a working holiday

How to Apply When first applying you will need to head to the CIC website. You can go directly there by clicking on this link: Before you apply you will need to determine what type of VISA you want to apply for. There are three options: Working Holiday Young Professionals International Co-op Internship *…

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