The Adventures of 2 Aussies


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Today’s Goodness

Today’s Goodness – Picture-perfect countryside while scouting out Big Sur


Our drive between Santa Barbara and San Francisco wasn’t just bad sing-alongs. We’d been stopping quite a lot to check out some of the different cafe’s flanking the highway, and night-driving was looking like an unfortunate guarantee. In an effort to make good time, I snapped this image while driving down this stretch of road WITHOUT even…

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Today’s Goodness – One of 50 squirrels we met at Yosemite


Squirrels are actually the cutest things. They scurry quickly through forestry, climb the rocks about you and…the best thing about the Squirrels in Yosemite are that they are super friendly and interactive. Although we honoured the DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS signs, we must of been doing something right, as some of the squirrels ignored those offering them peanuts…

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Today’s Goodness – A 12 hour commute driven by diner coffee


Remy snapped this photo riding shotgun mid-way during our drive from Yosemite to Portland today. We’d initially planned to stop half way, but every 3 or so hours I needed to take a break from driving and what better way to kill time than with a Starbucks Vanilla Iced Latte (our new favourite from Starbucks in this…

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