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Best Happy Hours in Vancouver

When you take a stroll down to Gastown, you see many wonderful things. As the roads are cobblestone and the tourists sit and wait for the steam clock you can find some of the best buzzing restaurants and bars in Vancouver. And by the best i mean great happy hours! Through BorderBrats, we are on the search for the best happy hours in town and I am going to kick it off with a bang and give you the best kept secret we came across. 

Welcome to Bambudda

Best Happy Hours in Vancouver from an Aussie's perspective

Bambudda is a Chinese Nouveau boutique restaurant that gives you a warm welcome when you arrive. Situated on Powell street it is an easy commute and lovely stroll from whatever direction you are coming from. As you are walking you are greeted by their lovely server Theresa and the craft cocktail extraordinaire Dylan. These two will make you feel right at home with their warm vibes and easy-going demeanor.

Bambudda is a craft cocktail bar and they don’t throw this term around loosely. Dylan @ogdarkhorse is their go to guy with finding new ways to invent unique cocktails.

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Dylan creating an infusion that was boiled and waiting to cool down for another inventive style cocktail 

A cool and interesting way to discover and taste his awesome talents is to take a leap of faith and let the spinning wheel make the decision for you. The Wheel is divided into section of different animals which indicate which year of birth you fall into. For me i am the year of the Dog and Grant is the year of the Horse. However i landed on a Rat and Grant landed on the Rabbit. We were presented with beautifully hand crafted cocktails.

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If you are not into that sort of thing then check out their $7 cocktail menu! And this is only half the reason why Bambudda is the best place to come for happy hour. They offer such a wide variety of cocktails. You know when you go to a happy hour and you are limited to what you can get?

I remember i went down to happy hour somewhere in Vancouver and they advertised $4 Jamesons. I was super excited with this… only then to be told i could only get a shot of Jameson. I was not happy about it, because the advertising was miss leading! This is why their $7 menu is a killer, as what you see is what you get. And what you get is beautiful! Our personal favorites are the Gin gin mule, French 75 and the Hemingway Daiquiri. 

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Above photo: Gin Gin Mule                                 Below Photo: Hemingway Daiquiri 

Onto the next best thing… THE FOOD!

This is what makes me keep coming back again and again and again! As the happy hour is set up that you receive 50% off all appetizers. We are sharing around 5 dishes between two people, Its a lot of food! Each containing something different, these Chinese infused dishes are my faves.

I like to start off with the Sesame Noodles and these are served cold. The sweet and spicy flavors are just what you are needing to quick start your palette. Everything comes out nearly at the same time so i like to load up my plate and dive into everything! 

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These small share plates are exactly what you need for a date or a catch up with a friend. The above photos are of the BBQ Pork and the Lobster and Shrimp Dumplings. YUM!

Head down to Bambudda… You won’t want to miss out


99 Powell St
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A 1E9, Canada
(604) 428-0301
[email protected]

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